Clutter May Be Hurting You More Than You Realize

closet organizer Snellville, declutter BufordLook around you right now. Is the room you’re in organized? Would someone else say that it is? As you span the room, if you see a fair amount of clutter, piles of stuff and things out of order, it might be making you sick.

How? Simple. Some say outside clutter reflects the what’s going on inside. (Insert denial filled scoff here). Others say that clutter is a sign of brilliance, but the simple fact is this- clutter can increase stress, and it’s no secret that stress can kill.

I’ll save you from the science of exactly how stress kills, but suffice to say that it can range from maintaining dangerous high levels of corticosteroids in your body down to simply keeping you in a constant mood to strangle someone. Living anywhere on that continuum is just not good for your peace of mind or those around you.

declutter Lawrenceville, closet organizer SuwaneeOrganized people have a sense of calmness and Zen about them whereas disorganized people often struggle to keep it together.  At times, it can be why disorganized people can despise the organized, but the fact is that we can all get along. Or, at the very least, there can be détente (it’s what North and South Korea have- it’s not war, but it’s not exactly peace either!)

Here’s a challenge- Pick a day to be extra aware of situations that occur that are being effected by your clutter.  For example, what caused you to be late for an important meeting or caused a delay in picking up the kids?  Reflect on how differently your day, week, or year could be if you start making changes to become more organized. Yeah, one of “those” people.

Don’t spend any more time hating organized people. Check out how the other side lives. Or, you can use me to pretend you’re organized. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel. Simply call today for a consultation. Call Stephanie @ 678-697-9609.

Is Clutter Making You Sick?

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