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Has clutter taken over your life? I can help your home and whole family function better, from the time you pull into your garage and walk inside, all the way to the out-of-control kids’ areas and master closet. Imagine how


Is clutter holding back your business? Whether it’s a home office or an entire company, organized workspaces help work and inspiration flow more freely because visual clutter is no longer clouding them up. There’s also less waste from purchasing multiples of the same


Moving, downsizing, or relocating your home or business? Do it the easy way by hiring me as your professional organizer so you can get settled faster. Let’s face it: moving is exhausting and usually a headache, even when you’re excited

Why You Need a Professional Organizer!


Organized Chick offers professional organizing services for: Residential Business Relocation Realtors  So why do you need a professional organizer? Here’s the thing. When your space is in disarray, your life feels in disarray. Sometimes one is a symptom of the other

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Buzz from Clients

Organized Chick is awesome!!!! I really enjoyed working with her. Stephanie is not only very organized but professional and makes you feel at ease when working with her. I am very busy, with no time to organize my office or home. She had brilliant ideas and came up with a plan that was perfect for me. I had no idea she can help with closets, planners, home and work offices. I HIGHLY recommend her company. The great thing is she teaches you how to stay organized. I am looking forward to working with her again.


Amazing service. I can be a little disorganized at times, but Stephanie really helps me get beyond the clutter and figure out what I really need. If you need some organization in your life, call her now before you forget.