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Stephanie Christopoulos is a professional organizer that lives in Atlanta, GA. She is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) as well as the GA-NAPO Chapter. She served as the Director of Marketing for the GA-NAPO Chapter from May 2013 – May 2015. Stephanie is the owner of Organized Chick, a professional organizing business that specializes in helping small business owners to achieve balance in their lives as an entrepreneur.

Organized Chick provides superior and efficient organizing that will change your life. Services include residential organizing, home office organizing, and relocation services. All services include complimentary labels, free take-away of donation items with provided receipt, and helpful time management suggestions. Followup consults and organizational maintenance plans are also available.

Organized Chick is a great resource to real estate agents, interior designers, ADHD coaches, and entrepreneurs.


The Full Story

Yep. I was that little girl.

The one who was always rearranging and color-coordinating not only her own closet but those of her friends (and making their moms very happy).

It’s true; even as a child, I was almost a compulsive organizer. I couldn’t get enough puzzles to figure out…literal puzzles but also figurative ones, like how to arrange a room, drawer, or toys most effectively. I wanted to straighten things up – but, more than that, I just wanted to make spaces FEEL GOOD.

Fast forward to when I became that co-worker.

I began to organize the office spaces where I worked and the spaces of my co-workers…who, um, usually asked me first. One day, I realized that it was not only something I enjoyed doing but that I was darn good at it too. People were telling me how much better they felt in a space after I had worked my magic, how much being organized freed up their time, how they felt more creative or were able to work more efficiently because they were doing it in a space that felt inspired and calm.

That’s when I decided I should take this organizing thing from a hobby into my business. I joined the National Association of Professional Organizers and became the Director of Marketing for the local Georgia chapter. I’ve helped tons of clients turn chaos into calm, and nothing makes me happier.

I’ll be your organizing cheerleader because I know organizing isn’t as fun for everyone as it is for me; it can feel pretty overwhelming. So I want to make the process fun and doable so that you know exactly how it’s going to serve you now and how to keep up with it.

What else?

When I’m not organizing, I like to spend my time playing with my daughter, running, dancing, and going to concerts that feed my diverse musical taste. I’m also a newbie hiker. Occasionally, I sleep.

I believe in giving back to my community, so I enjoy mentoring high school students and volunteering for a non-profit that provides work for refugee women.

I’m always up for an adventure, so no matter how disorganized you think you are, I’m up for the challenge! I can help you…so reach out!


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